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GIG Culture Specializes in Culture

We measure it.  We build data-driven models of it.  We assess performance against it. 

Define. Measure. Transform. Learn.  All Things Culture 


Culture is notoriously difficult to measure, yet modern management practice requires clear, unambiguous and quantifiable metrics in the decision-making process. 

Built on the latest evidenced-based management and behavioural science, at GIG Culture we incorporate both, quantitative and qualitative data, in developing a robust and repeatable process that captures:

  • The Culture Model: modelling and ranking culture against several performance metrics (such as investment performance, employee engagement, social media sentiment analysis etc.);

  • A Culture Gap Analysis: assessing the difference between espoused, expected and experienced attitudes and behaviours in an organization, division or team;

  • The Strategy / Culture Gap: measuring the extent strategy is supported by culture;


  • Culture Stress Testing: scenario testing disruption & digital transformation programmes.                                       


Learning & Transformation

Measuring culture is one thing, changing it is quite another.   At GIG Culture we design the transformation programmes and redesign everyday work processes to embed desired organizational outcomes: 

  • Cultural Intelligence Programme:  Teaching CQ - Culture Coaching of Senior Executives;

  • Conduct Risk Programme:  assessment & rating of organizational conduct risk;  

  • Cultural Carriers Programme: the selection, incentivization and continuation of a positive cultural feedback loop;

  • Cultural Intersections Programme: small changes, big results, maximising existing workforce strengths through process design;

  • Learning Culture Programme: enhancing tone-from-the-top with organizational cascading: creating a learning culture


Models, data and theory provide the tools, but culture is ultimately about one thing:  People.  

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